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Dual Layer: System Integration Services, Hong Kong

System integration services & Online Server support, Hong Kong

In todays, high-tech information technology world, security is main concern while working online. It is most important to protect the important data from theft, sudden loss, virus attack and other such threats. The largest provider of services like IT outsourcing Hong Kong, Dual layer offers a wide range of security services to its clients. We also provides customized security solutions for Server support Hong Kong(region) to their client according to the size and type of their business.

We are also known for our cost effective and professional security solutions to clients. We have a team of expert & experienced security personals in IT who provide the best IT solutions & IT consultancy to our clients.

Designing of a secure connection is very important for all types of businesses. Dual Layer's network security systems related services includes the supply, set up configuration, management and maintenance of secure network connection. We can personalize the network application according to the requirement of the client. We offer a comprehensive architectural network design for our clients to ensure a secure business network. Our expert security providers help you to design or review of different network like intranet and perimeter networks. We re-design the roles of various users and servers in the network according to the requirement of the business.

Secure communication is one of the burning issues for various companies; Dual Layer also provides highly secure and configurable VPN solutions to their clients to ensure a secure network communication. While working online proper web solutions & proper back up of data is necessary. To ensure this security of data, we at Dual Layer offers a comprehensive data back up policy.

The other security threats are attack of virus and accidental damage of stored data. The wide range of security services provided by Dual Layer includes anti-virus, anti-spam, intrusion detection, content filtering and firewalls. The specialized area of service are computer forensics, security audit, vulnerability assessment, wireless and application security audit, disaster recovery, application of various security verification policies, and critical training to your employees to meet with the security threats. The proper orientation of employee for a particular application or network is very important for a company. It minimizes the threats of accidental damage to stored data. The professional attitudes of the company ensure the high standard satisfactory services & solutions along with safeguarding the privacy of the client.

Above are the network security services offered by Dual Layer IT solutions, an IT service provider in Hong Kong. We never disclose the name of our client, though always respects referrals for our excellent work. Our professional attitude equipped with modern IT techniques made us to stay firm as one of the best online IT solution providers in Hong Kong. Contact us for any kind of your other needs related to IT outsourcing, computer support, network security systems, network security services & pc support services in Hong Kong.
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